Welcome to Summer Course Program 2020

(the 2nd ComPact)

Indonesia is well-known for its diversity in its races, geographies and languages. It consisted of more than 17,000 islands. Community participation is one of our key success in public health program delivery. To share and spread Indonesia’s success in community participation, Faculty of Public Health, Diponegoro University in Semarang, Indonesia would like to invite undergraduate and graduate students and practitioners from multi different regions to gather in our 10-day summer course program.

This 10-day course aims to enrich students experience in community participation especially related to public health as well learn Indonesian cultural especially in Central Java.

This Summer Course Program consists of in-class lectures, field survey, tour and mini seminar which conducted for ten days. The program is aimed to provide knowledge on profiles of basic health care for mothers and under five children in communities, domestic waste management in household scale, and community participation in eradication of mosquito breeding site and controlling neglected tropical disease in Indonesia.

Confirmation Letter

Main Speakers

Hanifa M. Denny, SKM., M.PH., Ph.D.

Faculty Of Public Health, UNDIP

dr. Martha Irene K., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Faculty Of Public Health, UNDIP

drg. Zahroh Shaluhiyah, M.PH., Ph.D.

Faculty Of Public Health, UNDIP

Dr. Dra. Nur Endah Wahyuningsih, MS.

Faculty Of Public Health, UNDIP

Praba Ginandjar, SKM., M.Biomed.

Faculty Of Public Health, UNDIP

Important Dates

Final Registration

April 30, 2020


Summer Course Program

Oct 1 -10, 2020

Central Java Indonesia

*The programs could be extended according to the needs of international students

Potential Participation

International undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students, and lecturers
Limited for : 20 internasional students

Benefit And Fee



This program equals to 3 credit points




Transportation during the course

The course registration fee covers coursework, printed materials, coffee breaks and lunches

Participants are responsible for all other expenses associated with attending courses and/or living in Semarang (i.e., housing and food except lunch)

Note : Estimated living cost for ten days in Semarang : US$ 500


Enrich knowledge related to Health System in Indonesia

Experiencing community participation related to public health in Indonesia

Experiencing traditional culture in Central Java, Indonesia

Expanding internasional network with students and colleagues from different countries


In-class lecture :

1. Indonesia National Health System
2. Community participation in Indonesia
3. Community participation related to Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition
4. Community participation on tropical neglected diseases (…………….)
5. Community development related to mosquitos control program, Waste Management, Community Lead Total Sanitation

Field Study :

1. Primary Health Centre
2. Community activities related to maternal and child health
3. Prenatal Class
4. Community Lead Total Sanitation
5. Community Mosquito Control Program
6. Leprosy Rehabilitation Village
7. Home Industry of Batik

Tour :

1. Semarang Old Town
2. Sam Poo Kong Chinese Temple
3. Putri Mandalika Beach
4. Carved Village in Jepara
5. Weaving Village in Jepara

Mini seminar on field experience of community participation in public health